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Walking through Fuente Osmena’s famous roundabout, I can’t stop thinking it’s role on urban renewal especially in the arts.Stretching a mile, the tree- shaded street bustles metropolitan chaos of chic hotels,grungy internet cafes, old ancestral hispanic houses and dress designers ataliers.


Cebu has always been a schizoprenic city..right in the middle of 7,00 islands or more, its sister capital city Manila in Luzon and the hispanic Zamboanga city down Mindanao.Its aspirations and long cherished dream for recognitions just added the push-to-the-wall drive for excellence.Becoming a popular destination not only for its world class beaches and furnitures, the city is more friendly and cooler than thou in fine dining and shopping too.


 Bursting with arts and fashion, it’s creativity has long been a turned on in world stage…the native soil to artists, designers and intellectuals. Cebu’s eclectic -rich pool of talents earned them the reputation as the London of the Philippines when it comes to fashion.Cebu fashion designers exude different kind of style,creativity and craftmanship. Their works have a certain spunkness,a breath of fresh air to the dull and boring collections from their sister cities. Cebu produces the Gallianos, MacQeens,Westwoods and ….Monique Lhuillier!


FURNE ONE is Dubai based designer whose talent crossed bounderies and limits. Joining the Dubai Fashion Week 2010 after Miami Fashion Week only gave him a little fashion pause, flying to Los Angeles for the famous LA Fashion Week2010.A fashion innovator and an experienced artist, he is an activist and cutting edge style theorist who put
technical prowess to a melancholic elegance.A stand out talent of our times.


 Philip Rodriguez is the top styleguru in Cebu’s fashion hierarchy, his impressive rich oevre spanning more than three decades– is at one and at the same time all bright career with profound style intelligence and definite-know-how in the industry.His works are timeless classics with a dash of contemporary feel.Highly crafted and meticulously done, each piece bespoke the mastery of Rodriguez…dressing high profile socialites and dignitaries around the world….Cebu’s-kept secret is a secret no more.


 CARY SANTIAGO photo credits:STYLEBIBLE.PH Cary Santiago eschewed a new fashion cathechism in his approach to style, reaching an instant fame almost five years ago after his colourful and passionate life abroad which added the angst to his collections and designs…the very soul of creativity translated to art.Receiving good reviews and bountiful clients from the Cebu and Manila’s elite, he continued his magical wand in creating fabulous pieces..a non-accidental stylist and creator of haute couture.


   OJ HOFER shaped his career steadily capturing the jaded and the fickled minded fashionist and clients through his always new sets of glitzy and glamorous wardrobes. Hofer’s mastery in handling uneasy materials like chiffons, taffettas and satin duchess shows his cultivation in highly refined and subtly witty works.His FASHION QUARTET collection is always been a must see among the fashion designers in that show.His mindset and sheer determination to continue creating some of the most sophisticated and visually arresting imagery assured HOFER a place in the industry.


  PROTACIO EMPACES’ visionary approach to style is a total gap from the ephemeral artist genre whose works collapse in the presence of a PROTACIO collection.His bocolic chic interpretation of designs assured his extraordinary love to real style inspirations without doing international copycats.A seasoned pro and one of the most feted artists, his works are distinctively beautiful and destined to be head turners in the runways or any occassion.


  JUN ESCARIO JUN ESCARIO’S uber chic and ultra feminine styles made Escario’s name one- of- the- most sought after designers in Manila after deciding to open a high end atelier in the capital aside from his Cebu shop.His lines are soft and modern with a couture construction assuring investment and a timeless pieces you can never point to one and immediately know what season it’s from.


 RAY KUAN RAY KUAN is unapologetic to his design religion. Kuan is the fashion’s enfant terrible, combining arts and visuals to satisfy his cravings for the unusual and the banal.Uncompromising about his style agenda, his charade to the wild side puzzled the fashion circuit-branding him the MacQueen of Cebu.


 the rest is history…



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