Furne One:A style Journey

Designer Furne One, is living the life of his dreams because of all the imagination, hardwork and diligence that go into his creations, which continue to enthral the fashion world.

With extensive media coverage, featuring the gowns that he creates, he become an instant celebrity in the fashion world and is all set to go places. Based in Dubai, his haute couture label, Amato, which he created along with Rashid Ali, caters to an exclusive array of elite Arab and international clientele.


Furne One never thought during his high school and college days that he would end up with a career in designing. At school, it was like a hobby. In college, this hobby grew to an interest in Fine Arts, which was what he studied, majoring in Advertising. His rising profile in the field of fashion design has been marked by the breaks that he got through winning prestigious competitions at significant moments in his career.

For instance, his first break came in 1994, when he won the Mega Magazine Young Designers award in the Philippines. This gave him the opportunity of a short training in design. Josie Natori, founder and CEO of the Natori Company, was one of the judges and was sufficiently impress with the young One to invite him to apprentice with her company.

This very fortunate break must have wetted his appetite, for on the next occasion he went on a trip to Japan.
Never one to rest on his laurels, in Japan, he continued his winning streak and won Japanese womens’ wear award.
Furne started his professional fashion design activities in Dubai, working for an employer, who addressed the affluent classes as his clientele. However, before long, responding to the broad hints and entreaties of his favorite clients, he made up his mind to start out his own.
He and partner Rashid started Amato Haute Couture, and the rest as they say is history.Furne loves Dubai, attributing his enjoyment to the opportunities that he gets to work with diverse races in bringing haute couture to them.
The Amato designs were originally mainly intended for connoisseurs among the Arab clientele.According to Furne, women of the Middle East are fond of lots of colours. His high-end fashion designs are greatly influenced by his exposure to local fashions, involving exquisitely intricate hand stitching and beadwork vital to the overall appearance of his creations.< His partnership with Swarovski results in the expensive use of the crystals in his designs.During the Dubai Fashion Week, the house offers a lot of pret a porter as well.
Last year, his designs caught the attention of one of VIP figures- supermodel and host of Project Runway and 'Germany's Next Top Model' show, Heidi Klum.Seing photos of his collection convinced her to select Furne to design the gowns of the models for the final round of her show. Considering that known fashion labels and upcoming designers vie to have their creations seen in this show, it was really a pleasant surprise for Furne to have been chosen- out of the blue-from among all of them.Because of the media coverage, featuring the gowns he created, he became an instant celebrity in Germany and the clamour of his works grew louder. It did not stop with that- Heidi Klum has invited him again to do the collection for this year's show.

Recently, in July 2008, Furne was a part of the Dubai Fashion Fiesta, which was held at World Trade Center in Dubai.Present to watch that show were the organizers of the Miami Fashion Week(MFW), an event where the who's who and everything concerning fashion converge for a grand show that presents creations of the designers from across the globe.They were so impressed with Furne's collection that they invited him to join the highly anticipated event in Miami. Attendees and, most importantly, judges of the event were blown away by the magnificence of Furne One's 39 piece collection, infused with the perfect blending of Easter and Western styles and accentuated with colourful Swarovski jewels. Not surprisingly, Furne clinched the Designer's Choice Award.
The young Filipino designer is truly living the life of his dreams, which is the result of his genius,combined with hardwork and diligence. Furne One will certainly not be resting on his laurels but can be expected to let his dreams take him even further.

HIT: http://www.gulfconnoisseur.com
hit: hhtp://www.amatohautecouture.com


2 thoughts on “Furne One:A style Journey

  1. your collection its fabulous ur the angel of fashion indutrys and we proude of u im also a designer base in zamboanga city how i wish i cvan be like u thats may dream and i would like to work with u as one of your staff

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