FURNE ONE: Ahlan’s Hot 100/ 2010

Ahlan's Hot 100- 2010

As Dubai continued its growth in social, cultural and fashionable landscape, a collage of interesting personalities from all over the world with different background and social attitude made this year’s hot personalities unique and interesting.

Selected from a wide spectrum in business and industries,they continued to strive and defy the hurdles and achieved brightly..serving as inspirations and strength.

hot 100

Furne One’s entry to the hot spots was long overdue,his achievements are definitely enough to be one, and to be acknowledged as one of the talented designers in the region.

Furne One’s designs are alluring, exquisite and very feminine.He breathes fashion and speaks fashion with authority.Joined L.A. Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week last year, presently gearing for his next fashion event this coming June in Germany with Heidi Klum’s Germany’s Next Top Model 2010. One’s new collection of haute couture gowns will be flown from Dubai to Germany in time for the final show.Furne One will be joining the Dubai Fashion Week this coming April.Certainly a busy and bright future ahead for a designer with fabulous personality and no nonsense style icon….are we talking now hot 2011?…………


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