I was looking forward to my high end JUNSHUI gourmet experience at the only 7 star hotel in the world–the BURJ AL ARAB.


the state-of-the-art BURJ AL ARAB: A THEATER OF OPULENCE

My first time at the magnificent hotel was during its opening, I was invited to join in an exclusive fashion show.My 20 something collection was in black and gray without any embellishments, in drapes and voluminous gowns.It was simply adorned with the rarest,the biggest and the most expensive diamonds money ever could buy…..

the Elegant Lobby

My second was when I was invited to a dinner hosted by someone whom I can’t mention…ten different personalities from fashion, art,nobility, royalty,society and politics.It was at the penthouse of the BURJ.
Everyhing from interior to the grand piano…. from the fantastic view to the gold laced washrooms with HERMES bathroon products…to the haute food and fireworks outside the hotel while we were dining…..were simply mind boggling…that night was my top moments ever…..until I rediscover TEMPTATION.

JUNSHUi-Asian Fusion

Booking started a month ago, and like car plate numbers,how many persons, occassion…availability..dress code etc…without reservations anybody can’t just barged in.

The magnificent lobby evokes grandeur of the Arabian opulence with its cascading falls and fountains, shimmering gold leif motif and eclectic interiors.

JUNSHUI: Food Indulgence

A warmth feeling enveloped as we walk into the main chic door of JUNSHUI. Eye catching interiors with soft light displayed unhurried charm..we felt welcomed and pampered.

We were lead to the cozy bar while waiting to our table, and offered welcome drinks.

JUN V MOCKTAIL-herbal concoction of lemongrass,kaffir lime leaves,passion fruit,lime and ginger, amazingly different, bringing back memories in my hometown when my mother used to gave us this kind of herbal things laced with honey..!

GREENFIELDS- (my order) pineapple juice,kiwi juice,mint,coriander(?)and eldflower syrup..this was more of me than JUN V…and kept drooling for more

I am not exactly a gastro critic,I just love good food and high places…tasting and enhancing the pleasure of my pallate.

The stainless steel and glass-mirror open live cooking station is uncompromisingly asian fusion,complete with authentic asian cook ready to satiate your cravings.
The salad bar is a must try not only for the freshness but also its different and unique asian taste sauce.


The main buffet area is divided into impressive sections like the fresh and raw fish for your sashimi, the thai portion for those hot curries and the eternal and elaborate range of chinese foods.


Peking roasted duck was my favorite..tender and juicy with cruchy skin. The shrimp tempura was cooked live and so deliciously crispy and juicy.Another favorite of the group was the wajad beef..the taste was so amazing…Albert took three orders!!!!

The salmon sahimi was Rene and Albert’s favorite.The food was simply a mouth watering bliss…a tempting indulgence and a breach to my new year’s resolution to fast!!!!…temptation won.

The desserts were my waterloos…mango millifeaulle, layered tropical fruits, surabaya delight and sago..were just arresting in my olfactory senses!!!!…..


Over all..the night was perfect.My special guests were delighted and transformed into style royalties and splurged into haute other than couture…


As we left…the romantic and fabulous evening remained my favorite moments…twas just perfect


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