How to be FAMOUS on Facebook

Are you seeking instant fame on Facebook?….. it’s about time honey!!!!!!

YOU MAY BE ONE OF THOSE people who harbored an extreme disdain for FACEBOOK wannabes– as if it weren’t enough to live with offline attention seeking pseudo-celebrities.


Just” WHO DOTHEY THINK THEY ARE”, you may say…. their glamour shoots CLOGGING on Facebook, soliciting decision-making to their FRIENDS!(‘So..I wear GUCCI, DIOR..with HERMES dahlin’ to dinner tonight, guys…..’), their narcissistic accounts and updates every five minutes?

Oh, that’s right……. They’re YOU..!!!! Except that the cliché – YOU’RE NOT FAMOUS BABE…!!!for 15 minutes, just famous to 15 people – doesn’t hold true for them. The numbers of their FRIENDS lists run into six digits!!!

Just how do they do it?…FACEBOOK fame is built on fame. Once you get noticed, you keep getting noticed. Where’s a person to start in this cyclonic storm of attention?HERE ARE SOME GUIDES…who knows,maybe it works!!..dugh!!!!.



Get noticed.Go wild. i mean it.
Talk about other famous people.Hit them on their weakest link…I mean hit them below where it hurts.!!!…the most reliable way to create a hit is to tell a story about SOMEBODIES WHO ARE ALREADY SOMEBODIES… who are already known, Internet basically follows the same principle. Narrative familiarity works….AND BREEDS.

Talk to other” famous” people…..NAME DROPPED. This will only get easier with the passage of time and more and more photos showing up on a search for your name on Images. For this, I recommend the next tip in particular.

Be photographed with “famous “people. WHHAAAAT??…Yes!.. All it takes is the right attitude and a nice dress…..!talking about so familiar one….

Take control. It’s unfortunate but true: you already have no privacy. If it’s on Facebook, it’s everywhere….!

If one friend drops the real name behind your super-popular blog identity, kiss your double-life goodbye. So you might as well invest some time and resources in tooting your own horn. Anonymity is so 2009.

Be interesting….wrap blandness and throw it to the pit. If nothing else works, give it a shot. It may seem self-evident but really, you won’t believe the number of people on the Internet and FACEBOOK telling you about what they had for lunch. Now, WHOM YOU HAD LUNCH or DINNER with, is a different story……..
Have passion. This is one of the things that really compels attention. To inspire passion, you must possess it yourself…..AS IF.!
Have talent. It can do wonders. It works for me…!!!!
Don’t do anything that will force your friends to block you….THAT’S NASTY!

Drama is always exciting, but it’s counter-productive.
BE FAMOUS already. People keep saying that there is democracy in FACEBOOK.

……………You GOTTA just believe it !!!!!!!!HHHWUAAHHHH…!


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