La Gretchen Barretto’s Magkaribal: Art Imitates Life?

La Gretchen Barretto/Style Icon/ Screen Siren/Fashion Diva
…who has shared little screen space with Bea Alonzo and Angel Aquino and has swiftly gained popularity as the small screen Goddess of prime time’s MAGKARIBAL – would love to dig her teeth even into a negative role we love to hate, will La Gretchen delivers?……keep glued on prime time!!!!!
Watch her on the small screen with her killer look, designer wardrobes and arm candies as it shines in the midst of the umpteen heroine draped tightly in bejeweled gowns and silvery stilettos.
Yet her very haute presence and acid one-liners “I was born to design.. not only I am the very best, I am the one!” sets her apart as she effortlessly essays the role of Victoria Valera, as in double “V’ for Vamp and Vixen? or …Vile and Venom?, as she spits with fire and poison every little pretenders to her own vanity throne.

Pitted alongside the pretty Bea Alonzo as Gelai Agustin, VV’s little sister succeeds in holding her own. True, the cards and plotline are stacked in her favour – she is the underdog who wins hearts at every turn – but even discounting that advantage, Bea Alonzo – clad simply in street wear and minimal make-up – quietly comes up triumphant every time…and at least Alonzo wears a Michael Cinco’s fabulous red gown!

No stranger to the world of greasepaint and cameras, La Gretchen aspired to fly high as screen diva, glossy magazine’s cover girl and socialite, and she achieved all that.

Today’s popular TV star enjoyed the time she spent with the two leading ladies of cinema, Bea Alonzo and Angel Aquino. Her ongoing tryst with television has catapulted her into audiences’ imagination.

Known for her love of luxury brands, Barretto is very much into trends and fashion in real life.She loves wearing designer’s clothes, love high end bags…and endless shopping for shoes and accessories.

Will tinsel town reach out and grab this small screen’s fabulously glamorous star? Only time will tell…….


One thought on “La Gretchen Barretto’s Magkaribal: Art Imitates Life?

  1. Michael Cinco’s gowns outstand the scene….scene stealer as in…kaloka ka Michael ur un reachable star na talaga! Gretch on other hand wear his creation in perfect attitude, hurray!

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