Ethical Fashion always intimidates the “mainstream glamour”, its subversive nature doesn’t always aim to please,
it bends to the edgier side…the darker the better.

Ecouture is designer’s alter ego, omnimously enigmatic, at some point, snub by the higher echelons. While its original ethos are non-comformist and non-elitist, its voluntary introversion( Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto), the use of cheapest components like bin liners and toilet chains( Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garcons), the total concept, is not simply to offer alternative dressing…but a lifestyle, a way of life.

Illustrado, one of the leading style magazines in the Dubai, challenged six talents to” bleed’ their creativity and pumped up what is eco-fashion all about. Miss LALAINE CHU BENITEZ-editor-in- chief, works on championing the cause, and is highly commendable. Not only the issue focuses on environmental friendliness in style and fashion, it also places Filipino artistry in the spotlight. Illustrado magazine’s unique and highly conceptualized issue, put up five notches…it is fashionably chic!

So welcome the risque’ ensemble of undisputed talents, surfacing amongst the fierce in the Middle Earth.


Jessie Sindayen

JESSIE SINDAYEN’s uncluttered, edgy and time consuming wearable art, is the cover of this month issue of ILLUSTRADO.
Raising the bar of expectations (not only our eyebrows!), the transformation of geometrical structure of paper origami precisely stitched together and painstakingly attached to create a hip and trendy skirt, shows the mastery over surface treatment of Sindayen.
The strainer arm bling, the mesh-wire veil and steel bracelets, were just right to the structure.
The plastic wrapped mid stockings completed the look. Totally in control, Jessie Sindayen is the luxe of Ecouture…tame, low key and fluid.

Juvenile Fashionist

Shelfred Surdilla

SHELFRED SURDILLA’s young and boy-next- door look is deceptive. Maybe it is skin deep, but not his innate creativity. His humor is his ‘joi de vie’, putting toilet’s must haves into an amazing collection of what is called the BATHROOM COUTURE!!
Clean and soft white towels neatly folded to form like a closed umbrella; knee length, very playful and naughty. What more could be better than toilet napkins magically twisted like bird wings embellished at the bodice of the dress…
hahaha!!!! WITTY! CHARMING and cute!!!!! I was mesmerized and in love with his collection.
I can’t wait what is his next surprise!……the new prince of fashion, his highness Prince Shelfred!



Everybody loves USHI SATO’s LRD…the rock GLAM ‘Little Red Dress’!!!! from Michael Cinco-Dubai’s Fashion Supremo to the High Fashion Diktat, Bandoix Flores. Sato’s fabulous piece is an art created by his beautiful mind. Tweetum Couture, is soft plastic narrow skirt with red pipe in circle patterns. Adorned with red plastic tube cut outs in diminishing splurge with Manga inspired waist band in plastic tubes patiently attached together.Hair clips
added youthful exuberance to the reddish hair. The innovative, very amazing, very hip and very fabulous blue high strung needle pointed bleeding dainty and fragile S-H-O-E-S… know what? stole the thunder from the rose!
You are the young hip version of Christian Louboutin USHI!!!!!…LOVE YOU MUAHHH!…END.

And so in the land of Ecotopia…..3 PRINCES claim their haute-ness…………………..

PHOTO CREDITS:in fairness…EROS GOZE!!!!!!!


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