Dries Van Noten: Bringing a Lil’ Bit of Sunshine PFW Spring 2011

DRIES VAN NOTEN conjures a feast for the style senses. Bringing a little bit of sunshine to the fore, a refreshing insight into a collection founded with a palate sated with colours and a balanced of simple shapes and forms.

Van Noten presented a vision that moves from glimmering faded tones to delicious spring colors like yellow, light blue and ivory. Then, his blushing pinks move sinuously into fuchsia tones, ending their journey in seductive wines. In material, an unparalleled blend of silks, satins and cottons, flawlessly cascade down the runway like harmonious limericks.

Ephemeral in luxe were the over sized coats like a vision on a cruise or a sun-kissed beach in the Caribbean, paired with degrading texture of loose trousers accessorized with clutch bags, an all out celebration of all that is glamorous passage to chic.

His embroidered flowers on blazers and skirts in lovely hues completed the dream. Dries Van Noten mixes the delicate flowers from a chinese art ceramic with the daring, breathing fresh life into an ancient craft. Applaud the blooming mannequins as they sashayed down the catwalk in a breathtaking nude soft cotton with inner strapless mini bust liners.

His fabric construction signal the break of spring ensemble harmoniously highlighting the creator’s vision in a spectacular specimen of pattern – working tastefully into hues of whites moving to deep purples crafted on silk and cottons. Mixing fabrics and dyeing techniques, VAN NOTEN’s wondrous creations are a testament to his mastery.This season, look for Dries Van Noten’s stunning and seductive to the skin collection that will set the Paris style temperature soaring high….


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