MANISH ARORA: Spring Rainbow- PFW 2011

Manish Arora’s kitschy couture has left the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011 spelbound. A Mumbai based designer, Arora’s design philosophy is from his heart, someone famous for his eclectic use of colours, embellishments and fabrics, his works speak …..’Indianess’.

Excitement levels hit the roof at the opening of Arora’s collection, models in Baroque metallic gladiator outfits dominated the runway, but looking up-close the silhouette, it’s more essentially Indian in spirit than some accusation that his collection is ‘La Gaga goin’ gaga!

Manish Arora does’nt need to impress other designers and critics, and he is not trying so…

Arora’s fantasy land collections often leave one in a frenzy, getting a hold of his multicoloured and metallic pumps somehow; they will be vintage treasures in years to come.


2 thoughts on “MANISH ARORA: Spring Rainbow- PFW 2011

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