ELIE SAAB: Spring PFW 2011-Forever Red Carpet

The perception of couture unfurled a jarring translation from red carpet to red carpet..in this case Elie Saab, a Lebanese designer. Fashion transcends itself to fantasy……..so who needs reality?

Elie Saab’s Spring/Paris Fashion Week 2011 collection left a mixed aftertaste. A master couturier, his recent runway show came nothing short of magic, as expected.

Cream,green chartreuse, apricot and blue featured prominently, with jewel necklaces provided the necessary accents.

The most noticeable was the variation of asymmetrical gowns, Elie Saab’s trademark, ether ruched, sequinned or draped. The usual Saab’s skirt of volumes, with underlayers or sheer overlayers prolonged reign season after season.The classic Elie Saab equals boring is sometimes true, and it was déja-vu at every show, especially his red carpet pieces.

Structured fluidity prevailed in draped and ruched chiffon pieces but his repetitive embroideries were arguably inferior from the other fabulous runway collections.

A visual feast of regalia and grandeur – but not much more. Predictably, the fine line between opulence and ostentation was frequently blurred. While the bar of craft was raised extremely high in every ELIE SAAB show, there were too many overlapping elements. Due to the repetitive materials, techniques, fabrics and motifs,yet celebrities and divas need Elie Saab’s impalpable dreams, so he still could be forgiven….


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