DAR SARA S/S Dubai Fashion Week 2011:Luxe Redefined

 DAR SARA  looked to Marie Antoinette  for inspiration for the Dubai Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, in middle eastern extravagance, turning out a shimmering, opulent collection that was a potpourri of  lavish ornamental detailing and embellishment.

 Elaborate designs embroidered with excessive Swarovski stones and brilliants, The lavish display of  iridescent crystals with over whimsical touches  would  have made any  Empress turned green with envy.



Draped satin over bucketful of stones encrusted laces, folded faille and satin duchess with extremely crystallized bodice, massive skirt  with long train  fabrics sashayed  down the runway.

photo credits: EROS GOZE/DUBAI  


2 thoughts on “DAR SARA S/S Dubai Fashion Week 2011:Luxe Redefined

  1. a yet another try hard attempt in the middle east!

    marie antonnete, a young naive queen of style n glamour! she was known for her experimental attitude! she was a rebel and cared less..

    yes.. middle east touch is evident on an overdosage of crystals (how NOT original), but there is no excuse on bad aesthetics, bad cuts, and unpleasing seams, cutting body in parts which doesnt look pretty.. last picture is an epitome of looking stupid and very “arab”.

    only if ppl knew those details and rated a collection.
    its so easy to see bling and say, o my god,, its nice.

    the only thing nice the designer did are the cute dresses for little girls,, which are not so relevant to this era though. unless its a theme wedding or something,,..

    long way to go for middle east fashion!

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