Drawing inspiration from animal patterns, Falguni and Shane Peacock’s loud Spring/Summer line demanded attention and held attention in its celebratory tribute to life.

The designer duo indulged in a process of layering digital prints over one another to result in a uniquely glamorous look. The collection was set off by some of Dubai’s well-known socialite women, demonstrating its easy wearability.

Ready-to-wear outfits alternated with avant-garde creations containing innovative shoulder pads and the generous use of leather. Short dresses in yellow, nude pink, deep blue and crimson were interwoven with the liberal use of black that added to the collection’s timeless appeal.

Bold prints on short dresses and hard-wear dresses featured prints resembling bees, scales and tiger stripes, all animals on the brink of extinction. With top quality leather, lycra, chiffon, net and feathers coming together in a harmonious union of fabrics, the collection proved to be both wild and conventional at the same time. The futuristic collection incorporated triangle sleeves, unique layering patterns, leather piping, deep necks and puffy skirts encrusted with embellishments.


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