DFW S/S 2011 Day3: Homa Q

Opening with a live opera performance, Homa Q displayed her collection of abayas and shaylas with élan. The designer, who is of Pakistani origin, inculcates a variety of international influences in her abayas, including that of 18th century textile design as well as Moroccan cultural elements.

Inspired by the likes of Queen Rania of Jordan, the collection, with its structured tailoring and modern cuts, is aimed at the bold Arab woman.

The 16-piece set used silks and brocades that were embellished with careful detailing and tasseled ends. Fluid robes of green, silver and purple were covered with fine black abayas.

The shaylas employed minimal embellishments, save for delicate colour piping. The models walked the ramp to Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, displaying tapering silhouetted abayas and turbaned shaylas in a splendid display of creativity.

Outstanding ensembles included an abaya with a black-beaded pale gold bodice, abayas with single sleeve embroidery as well as exquisite gold rings around the neck and sleeves of the abayas.

The show came to a close with another operatic rendition by a singer in a shimmering creation by the designer. Having dazzled the community with her debut at DFW last year, the Spring/Summer collection is testimony to Homa Qamar’s growth as a designer.


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