DFW S/S 2011: Dubai’s Emerging Talents


The “Emerging Talent” show, sponsored by Max, set the ball in motion for Day 3 of Dubai Fashion Week. First in line, was Nasrine Dechache, with her debut collection titled “Montaigne”.


The collection used solid-coloured clothes and experimented with jersey and cotton, making them comfortable and ready-to wear. Nasrine worked with beige, navy blue and purple to emphasize talented cuts and silhouettes.

Wearing nude shoes to complement the outfits, models walked the ramp in jackets, harem pants, tailored shirts and a flowing knee length dresses.

 The five sets reflected Dechache’s multi-cultural background, as offering sneak peeks into Algerian and French fashion influences.

Based in Dubai, former model Nova Krishnan makes her foray into the world of fashion with her collection at Dubai Fashion Week.

 Her collection was a contemporary twist on traditional Indian attire with the view to make them multifunctional. Pale gold satin paneling and gold embroidery dominated the collection and was accompanied by crimson and fuschia robes.

 The outfits included a deep blue robe with gold work on the bust and sleeves layered with a brown frilly underskirt as well as an outfit of a shimmering gold bustier and a deep pink skirt fitted with a frilly purple trail.

Wearing one of her creations, Nova Krishnan took a bow in an outfit of fuschia and orange, with a twisted pink cloth effortlessly thrown over one shoulder with ease. 

Sachin Gada, with his petal inspired collection, set the stage ablaze in a display of dramatic colours and layered fabric.

 His collection followed delicately structured tiered clothes, with fabrics of varying hues, gracefully flowing over each other.

 A maroon bust was added to a short Victorian skirt styled with neckties in the black to pink spectrum, layered strategically to bring about the effect of a flower in bloom.

The outfits, in tree green, aqua, and marine blue, were a testament to the skills of a designer with a gift of creative layering.

Specializing in men’s wear, the Mumbai based Niteesh Singh Chauhan collection showcased six distinct Spring/Summer looks for the male silhouette.

 White dominated the collection, in a bid to represent the freshness of spring. Made of linen and cotton based fabrics, the collection included crisp white suits and jodhpurs embellished with buttons.

Tie and dye designs in red and green peeked through the white of the suits, which were added with innovative design elements like a two layered back-paneling of the jackets, which lifted to reveal tie and dye patterns.

The collection was inspired by life and the buoyancy of springtime.

Drawing heavily from Bedouin culture, newcomer Samah Ali experiments with the abaya-shayla combination to add an international appeal to the outfits. With black lace veiling the faces, black abayas flowed open to reveal scarlet and gold under-layers with matching shaylas.

 A particularly interesting innovation came in the form of an abaya with a frontal sun motif, revealing the cinched abaya waist, while retaining the loose flowing characteristic of the abaya. The designer wore a creation of satin orange tassels attaching the sleeves to the ankles of the abaya in an extended sleeve and with a matching shayla.

The Susan Jacob collection was dedicated to the strong, beautiful woman fighting cancer.

 Opening with a presentation offering words of encouragement to the patients, the collection presented five sets in pale pink and black Victorian lace. Models walked the ramp in short, ready-to-wear dresses that accentuated the female form.

 Wearing black gloves and minimal jewellery, the models flashed neck pieces reading ‘Don’t Give up’, addressed to every woman battling with cancer.

To close the show, Max displayed its Fall/Winter collection by marrying formal and casual on the ramp.

 Mustard yellows, midnight blues and floral printed dresses were accompanied by nude brown shoes and jackets. Denim leggings dominated the women’s line, while the men’s collection indulged in deep shades of corduroy.

 Thigh-length jackets in tweed, ankle length boots and leather jackets completed the collection.


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