DFW S/S 2011 day4: Zaeem Jamal


Z for Z

With montages of clouds posing a question of belief in the unknown to the audience, Zaeem Jamal’s show began with a dance performance by a dancer with flowing silver wings. Gregorian chants set the stage for a mystical evening for an exquisite collection inspired by angels and seraphims.

Utilising mood-inducing and emotion-influencing colours such as sapphire blue, green, bronze, burnt orange, gold, lilac magenta and pink, the creations were a tribute to the unique philosophy of the “Z for Z” label. Each colour symbolized the traits and energy associated with the 10 angels the designer chose to represent.

Fluid capes with gold winged motifs, diagonal bands of tassels and sequins, as well as Indian silhouettes featured in the couture creations. The “Angels & Seraphims” collection presented pantsuits, maxi-dresses, salwar kameezes and short dresses in smart and simple cuts with bands of sequins interspersed with silk and chiffon.   

A ballet dancer in yellow preceded the showstopper outfit – a sequined sari of metallic grey, worn by Indian actress Minissha Lamba. Emblazoned with feathery white wings, the flowing grey train of the sari was held up by a male model in wings.

The outfits reflected the personality of the brand by incorporating spirituality and purposeful existentialism into their creations.


One thought on “DFW S/S 2011 day4: Zaeem Jamal

  1. What an amazing show. Inspired collection – loved it. Models looked like they enjoyed walking the collection, unlike some of the other collections. Colours were sublime and designs from very specialised to easy wear. This guys gonna be huge.

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