DFW S/S 2011: the fashion’s much awaited-FURNE ONE

Furne One

The eagerly anticipated show by Furne One opened to a packed house at Dubai Fashion Week.  “Amato”, which means beloved, consisted of creations in varying intensities of gold and ivory, heavily embellished with Swarovski crystals.

The Elizabethan era inspired clothes were showcased in a performance, choreographed by the designer himself. The models wore a dramatic look, showcasing elaborately designed head accessories inspired by horses and royalty and made of recyclable materials.

Dangling chains, metallic cups and wooden forks were some of the innovative items used to create the head accessories to complement each outfit. Models donned Amato shoes and accessories in the form of neck-braces, band-aids, and support braces, in a bid to re-enact the war injuries.

The 33 outfit collection ranged from short hard-bodied dresses to wedding dresses with feathery trains and crystal embellished veils. Made of soft tulle, French lace and linen, the haute couture outfits were a strategic mixture of fabrics, in a bid to achieve a look that was both dreamy and glamorous.

Fresh off from London Fashion week, the collection, titled “I’m the Queen”, is a dream come true for every woman who wishes to feel like a queen. The bold and powerful cuts demanded immediate attention, while exuding qualities of fierce independence.


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