BANG PINEDA: The Male Factor- Philippine Fashion Week 2011 S/S

Change is the only constant  in life, or in more fashionable term-evolution, in men, in menswear. Bang Pineda’s Spring/Summer collection at Philippine Fashion Week 2011 plunged  into a new trend, to startle the faint hearted male in his new male-macho specimen in girly colors of loud, brash and major splashes of notch up tangerines, flourescent blue and beige.

BANG  PINEDA’s Male, like the designer himself,  strutted in the runway with  masculine finesse in  experimental palette, machismo dared not to. Carrying  off  vibrant orange  suit with an orange monochrome combo of trousers, jackets and matching shoes take lots of guts to penetrate the male psyche’, like his collection.Pineda is a dresser and  tried  all his sartorial  capabilities in creating  a collection in  an impeccable manner…and lost midway.

His style is more measured, with such dramatic flair, wearing loud colors is as much about the attitude as it is about the aesthetics and Bang Pineda gets both right, somehow. The new spur to the word ‘versatile’, the sourcing of his collection is a gamble, his new collection manifests a 360 degrees turn of domineering, fierce bravado manly characters, histrionically tough into a sweet -virginal -boys -in- harmless colors.

The vibrant oranges and blues belted jackets,  vests and the rolled out pants, made for a bold and powerful collection, injecting freshness this spring, but surely not for your average kind of guy who doesn’t  dare to be different.

The smattering of pop orange in his new kind of guy, free from confinement of the usual colors and shapes, are attention grabbers, but it doesn’t translate to a safe bet. Given his proclivity for creating menswear, Pineda is best known for sartorial and high stitched tailoring, his  ‘crew-meets-summer boys-gone- travelling- to-bora’ in loose shirts  and trousers are far cries from the almost perfect fit collections in the  past seasons.

photo credits: PAUL CORTEZ/MANILA


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