Graphics and geometrics played the silhouette of the young and the experimental designer, Kermit Tesoro at Spring/ Summer Philippine Fashion Week 2011.

Inerbriated by his youthful exuberance and zest in life, his flight of  fancy brought us to the balance beam of young gymnast girls in  tight fit lycra, stretched diaphanous fabrics and spandex.

 In contrasting games of bands in rhombs and obliques, Tesoro’s girls strutted on the runway in Nadia Comanici’s ever 10′. The playfulness of exaggerated rattan in artisan shape did not make any sense, yet  it added the laborious display on models and thought that’s what they are paid for….to carry every designer’s excess luggages!.

Then at a flash, the magical and whimsical journey transported us to his final destination…the fabulous Cirque du Soliel….!!!! great.

It is nice to be young, an excuse for being abrupt, untamed and bold. The conceptualized patterns  were   nice visuals, but it showed the essence  between  mastery  in proportion and the precised tailoring. The puckering of the light soft fabrics  against the thick strips obviously is the designer’s nightmare.

I love Tesoro’s dimensional cut outs and the showing off little bit of skin, but I couldn’t separate my mind’s comparison of  Louis Magalona Claparols works at last year’s  YDG/FDCP. 

Giving Tesoro the necessary maturity in his sense and sensibilities, surely his aggressive approach and daring fashion’s push- to- the- wall attitude will surely pay him back. More fashion weeks, Kermit Tesoro will surely land one of the most promising fashion purveyors in Philippine Fashion Industry.



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