Ronaldo Arnaldo’s Spring/ Summer  collection at the Philippine Fashion Week 2011 was like early morning breeze with blooming freshness of flowers in spring . The delicate fabrics done in minimalist designs provided that sexy feminine look to his collection.

As Arnaldo’s signature, he  included dash of  other colors like yellows, reds and cobalt blues. The models took over the ramp with his mesmerizing feminine collection comprising of simple dresses in white with contemporary cuts and insertions of stripes.

Wearable and clean, the stunning designer pieces of  floaty dresses with trendy long skirts, provided the feeling of quite glamor, this designer emphasized heavily on the comfort factor of the garments.

Ronaldo Arnaldo is well known for his simple yet attractive clothing lines which are high on value and seductive quotient. Unlike other designers he preferred his garments to hang comfortably around the body instead of body hugging/tight fitting clothes. He used free flowing fabrics like crisp cotton, light translucent linens and stripe satin duchess.

Stunning silhouette, long lean white skirt with tails, slide neckline  blouses, deep shoveled armholes, low back and front necklines, were some types of garments he presented. In evening wear he glamorized the A-line tubular silhouettes with matte stones as arm blings. The ranges of colors choose by him for his collection were grey, black, pale yellow, red and white, thus the colors were also sober and subtle.

Arnaldo’s maturity in high tailoring and mastery in controlled silhouettes separates him from neophytes, wannabes, newbies and mere tailors.

photo credits: KESTER DEE




  1. this designer is so unprofessional. imagine, shouting at the bride when she was only folowing up nicely on her entourage’s gowns. days before the wedding and still no gowns.

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