Bandoix Flores’ creativity knows no bounds. This designer can push his creativity to the ultimate limits and each time he has proved it very successfully. His Spring/Summer  collection at the Philippine Fashion Week 2011 won him accolades.

This time he used his imagination and it was the edgy black that fascinated him, so his collection was inspired. And it did, carving out a distinctly original niche with a sharply refined and deceptively simple sense of aesthetic, designer Bandoix Flores’ sophisticated line of simple satin gowns all in black and white, redefined couture on day 5 GRAND ALLURE of Philippine Fashion Week 2011.

A member of Dubai’s fashion fraternity, Flores’ glorious collection of the finest in women’s wear will herald this new season of luxurious style.

He presented a couture line in splendid silks and chiffons, with transparent tulles and opaque fabrics, a palate that ranged from ivories to midnight black, crafted in refine aesthetics that remained well done  to create a unique experience in fashion and elegance.

Using the simplistic and minimalist concept, Bandoix Flores moulded fabrics around the body and achieve shapes and forms to the fluid outfits. Bandoix Flores remained an old guard with contemporary sense and sensibilities.


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