Glamour is no longer a reserved state-of-being. It is up for grabs for anyone who can carry it off. Glamour artists have met the girl next door and transformed her. And so has the world of make-up by bringing the high drama in runways, parties and red carpets. 

We are no less equipped with cosmetic artists to sculpt our faces and highlight the cheek bones; no one but an expert make up artist will understand why we require a palette of foundation when to the normal untrained eye, the colours look all of the same shade of beige. Drama, camera and lights rush into our dressing areas as we play with shadow and illumination to create the perfect look.

As the modern miracle of  make-up revolutionized our lives, we realized that there too many lights in the world. Even in the harsh lights, our skin must look perfect. Flawless and fabulous radiant faces has become an obsession because being pretty is no longer about special moments.

 As the world gets more infatuated with everyday pictorial of celebrities, we get more fixated with glamorous make over, and rightly so.

 Synonymous with the art of using cosmetics, Top FACE DESIGNERS every season  customized make-up looks for their runway collections, glossy covers, fashion photo shoots and events.


A Malaysian-born Dubai based Make-up Artist with more than ten years of experience in television commercials, fashion shows, glossy magazines and bridal, Shindesu’s magic transforms everybody’s dream of becoming a diva event just for a moment. SHINDESU is DUBAI’s number ONE  hair and make-up artist.

 Clients like MAC, L’OREAL, Swarovski, L’Officiel Homme, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Desert Fish recognized the style refinement of Shindesu in the field of cosmetic art. He was the key hairstylist at the latest India Fashion Week 2010 in Delhi and the key make- up artist for the show  in Bahrain’s Saks Fifth. 



for SHINDESU’s fabulous works



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  2. you r 2 good , i really like your creative make-up. i m a photographer n planning to work in dubai with creative people . if you want to see my portfolio plz mail me. thank you.

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