Fashion is inherently complex, allowing endless interpretations, opening a whole world of possibilities.

JIMI BUENCONSEJO returned after a style gap of two decades with a collection that defined Jimi Buenconsejo. Contemporary in sensibility and form, he broke away from everything that’s very safe (read: so normal!) bringing series of colors, silhouettes and figures he aptly called ‘THE GLAMAZONS’.

Interwoven with mixed palette, he painted a “jungle” in his wardrobes. Texturized and handmade, the result was a riot of untamed energy exploding in eclectic decadent pieces. It’s art-meets-fashion concept that explored Jimi’s creativity…without a “PAUSE”.

JIMI BUENCONSEJO is shaking up aesthetic norms with concepts that are playfully radical. A mix and match of eclectic influences that reflect what the designer is all about: unbridled creativity. The epitome of edgy chic, Buenconsejo sports dramatically layered mini skirts in tassels and an unstructured bodices and tempted to forget the ordinary.

He is firm that his ‘vision’, which emphasises complete freedom of expression and being in the “NOW”, flows from the top to the bottom of the collection. This includes ‘unteaching’ all his artisans to let go of the typical stuff they’ve learnt and react to the present while creating. “We’re all about experimenting with whatever you’re feeling at the moment”, says Jimi.

Buenconsejo’s out-of-the-box approach was going beyond the standard format…leaving his clothes difficult to define.

A touch of punk rebelliousness, a hint of avant-garde and a lot of different influences run parallel. The gown with its exposed bones and braided leather tells a story of its own, where more is more is the new diktat.

The whole lot of detailing has gone into them, leaving few spaces to breath.

Buenconsejo’s energetic collection, defiantly brushes the ordinary and consistently assertive from the choice of material to the tecniques of ornamentation.

Three short dresses with edgy geometric artform concentrated on quirky patterns in weaving and and hand knotting. Dashed with cut colored glasses, the warrior queens strutted the runway while the audience held their breath.

photo credits: EROS GOZE


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