ESSA’s Oh Sauvage Collection: Decoding a Brilliant Mind


Reviewing the works of ESSA is like  reading poetry in 3D, full of  emotion and angst that translates  into his design palette, defying definition and stereotyping. His flamboyant collection  undeneath, are the clues about his brilliant he thinks  and  works.

Arrogant. Rebellious. Eccentric.

ESSA’S signature looks  surprisingly find their sources in his personal nuances, while the interpretation is seen more in his ability on  precise crafting, his inspiration stems from his style connect with his Indian roots’ diversity and his contemporary style chaos in Dubai. His label, was born  and was instantly sourced by high end stores like SAUCE*.

ESSA’s traditional and contemporary reference is inherent to its ethos. His inextricable link  of  sleek and structure define ESSA’s inherent sensibility. That, his art is beyond the physical. That its sensibilities in something more unreachable and inscrutable, the mystique of which is known only to him…

ESSA’s aesthetics come from his passion and his creative…

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