Zareena S/S Fashion Forward3: The Czarina of High Couture


 Dubai, April 15, 2014


Celebrated Emirati fashion designer Zareena Yousef presented her Spring and Summer 2014 collection on the concluding day of Fashion Forward at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai on Sunday (April 13). At the show, she impressed the participants with her latest line of 50 creations in different colours, patterns and materials.




Characterized with extreme elegance, overwhelming chicness and innovative simplicity, the new collection features an amazing mix of materials, patterns and colours.


For the first time, Zareena veered from her purely Oriental line to introduce a hautecouture-like collection that brings different civilizations together in a harmonious and attractive way.



On a trip to Lebanon, Zareena visited the Jeita Grotto -the longest cave in the Middle East- located near Beirut and was amazed at how nature would create what she calls one of the nature’s most creative features. The inspiration for the collection comes from nature’s ability to deliver beautiful scenery from random single creations when put together in a magical way.





Zareena’s main theme is abstract shapes and lines that become works of art when combined and placed on the designs in an artistic manner. Zareena’s sense of placement and choice of colours are marks of her brand that any enthusiast would recognize. Zareena does not like to confine herself to certain colours, therefore, within any of her collections you will see a wide range of daring colour combinations. The fabrics always have the sense of flow and femininity in them. She uses natural fabrics for her collections.






Following the theme, Zareena has three groups of designs within the collection, the whites, which portray nature’s beauty personified in flower formations, the abstract formations with its cornucopia of colours, and the gold, nature’s ultimate precious belonging.


The collection, which lends its flavour to the deceptively simple elegance concept, blends simplicity with enduring chicness and can be worn by ladies not only in high-end events but also for the special occasions.

 Zareena is well-known for her attention to small details. A lot of her designs shows a passion for chiffon, miniature flowers, golden lines and woven emblazonments that goes hand in hand with the apt and skilful works.


The collection includes long dresses, two-piece designs and lavishly ensemble sets, a group of distinguished overall designs, soirée dresses. Colours varied between orange, green, red, brown, gold and beige, etc.



Commenting on her participation in Dubai Fashion Forward, Zareena said: “It is a very important step for me, taking into consideration that Dubai Fashion Forward Week is an international fashion event and every designer seeks to spread his designs geographically as wide as possible.”


Describing the identity of her new collection Zareena added: “I tried to reach for women’s needs generally in terms of materials, cuts. I did not confine myself to the Eastern women only, the Oriental spirit can be felt, but the collection still appeals for women from a wide range of nationalities and tastes. We should always bear in mind that designers does not know beforehand what they want, it’s rather a process of innovation, inspiration and uniqueness, to which the designer should add her personal touch of imagination experience and professionalism.”



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