Another season, another style romance from Emperor 1688. One would yawn with ennui if they didn’t consistently deliver a spectacle. Designer brothers revivalist strengths were  highlighted in this season’s ode to subdued silhouettes in an English bespoke tailoring.

The Golkar’s brief  depicted the charms of tartan, wool , tweed and splash of other fabrics thrown together to create a modern interpretation of the new Emperor 1688.

Creating minimalist details like the leather belts felt like a natural process, avoiding lavish ensemble thus  creating  a collection that never went over the top.

The monadistic feel was unforgivable but the finish was impeccable. Gone were the varsity pink boys in short trouser last year that screamed “Loud”, here was the gorgeously flattering ensemble for men donning with an ascetic simplicity.



The double-breasted suit is back with an excitement and  once a staple in every man’s suite wardrobes, the double-breasted has become a rather elusive creation of such a sartorial splendor, only recognizable by the advocates of high-end menswear connoisseurs . The Emperor 1688 reintroduced the double-breasted suit  and had  been modernized , leaner  but just as masculine, powerful and elegant as before.

We saw military type of the jackets paired with six-bottons vest as well, in gray, navy blue and black. And the girls..yes, the Emperor Girls, unsurprisingly they complimented the over-all  look, urban girls who are not afraid to show some skin and enjoying their kind of evolution.

















































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