CARY SANTIAGO is contending himself, struggling to revive couture, a renaissance; a rebirth of classicism’s dying trade. With his fine tailoring sensibilities, Santiago challenge the establishment, the old cliche’… with lots of skill at his fingertips, merging innate talent and his no nonsense attitude to creativity.

CARY SANTIAGO’s BRIDAL COLLECTION has his name written all over it…his finest contribution so far to fashion.
His unmistakably ultra glamorous pieces of organza and chiffon plumage origami, was something so exquisite.

Santiago’s signature: sculpted bodice and gravity defying origami folds harmoniously moulage to form a voluminous fluid skirt, resonates operatic fluidity only a CARY SANTIAGO could muster.

The breathtaking columns of grey pleats in a well structured knee length dress masked carefully without any glitters and further embellishment…pure genius.

Given the attention to detail in those chiffon pieces, the over all simplicity translates exquisite haute couture procedure: painstakingly stitched bias cut-outs that unsurprisingly costs hundreds of hours to finish.

CARY SANTIAGO’s audacity to create art to art…is his natural, creative porn. He has arrived. Definitely.




Nelson Villarica: Philippine’s Richard Avedon

NELSON VILLARICA’s images are succint , highly defined and show some influence, which will gauge visually the future fashion photography. His remarkable visuals transformed fashion into a new meaning of “pictures”.

In the past years, there has been a big change in fashion photography. Increasingly, the focus of production is not just the reproducing depiction of clothes and accessories, but the transformation of an attitude, a lifestyle into an image. Most of the photographers are connected with the development of these media which define themselves through an attitude. The consequence is a complexity and variety in fashion photography which increasingly situates itself in the field of fine arts, is inspired by it and has even provided ideas to art and popular culture.

The biggest success of fashion photography is presumably its power to define what is characteristic of the respective time. Like no other medium before, it has become the leading medium of our visually-dominated culture; as an authority for socialisation, it shaped the idea of beauty.
the fabulous Michael Cinco's Book
After the death of Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Herb Ritts, some of today’s most famous fashion photographers are Patrick Demarchelier, Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Peter Lindberg and Annie Leibovitz who give new visual shapes.

Nelson Villarica

Nelson Villarica’s coffee table book is a catalogue, which is a production of Michael Cinco’s Holiday Collection 2010, his first attempt to bind and display the luxurious and high -end glister of fashion poetry on the runway.With the approach at the latest, high tech and futurism, his focus is not only the central motif of fashion photography, but also changed the techniques of production, which themselves turned the aesthetics of the images – thanks to digital processing – upside down: a break in fashion photography in the age of multimedia networking. Villarica’s technique moves toward contemporary art or stem from it due to their free and unrestrained settings and intellectual precision”, thus we see in his Michael Cinco’s Runway photos, a masterful control of lights and shadows, colors, textures and precise mobility of the subjects.

StyleMonger with Nelson Villarica at Barbara's Intramuros

Michael Cinco’s Holiday Collection is in limited edition, the book is highly -crafted and a collectors’ item, having it, is like owning a piece of Cinco’s impalpable haute couture works. But the book doesn’t come cheap, it costs one thousand US dollars a piece! and its only ten pieces!!!!!!!!!!!