FURNE ONE: War&Roses Couture 2011- Haute Warriors

With his robust physique and curly blond hair, FURNE ONE’s stage presence almost uptstages the fabulous and amazing creations he dreams up for the Red Cross’ Charity Fashion Event titled “WAR & ROSES.

A class of his own, One excels. Queen’s royal court, Medieval warrior women,the Elizabethan crowns, and even epic horses have stomped down the catwalk at his theatrically themed ambience shows . Furne One is one of the most avant-garde couturiers whose showstopping collections created the most glamorous events of th year.

Steadfast FURNE ONE continues to design his own line, establishing his own atelier- AMATO, producing a shows all throughout his successful career in Dubai, and, as ever, romancing his audience with his all-out showmanship and soaring imagination.

War & Roses was a grand event, high profile personalities, celebrities, socialites and business tycoons gathered together to raised funds for charity.

Aside from heart throbbing theatrics, Furne one drew romance and excellent workmanhip on his clothes.
Silhouettes were revolutionized in approach slowly painting fierce but romantic women in an artistic battle landscape.

The opening sequence, in a washed up bluish swimwear painted with portrait of a pale Elizabethan woman with flowing extravagant beige tulle, accentuated by a sculpted wooden gladiator shoes gave an insight on what to expect in an ONE show palette.

The sand, oyster, light brown, off- white and beige colors were ravishing on stage. They appeared to shade from one hue to another in the rich embellishments of crystals and diamants, made a wondrous display of exquisite couture pieces, stamping each piece the essence of One, where he is famous for.