SPLASH AFTER PARTY-fab crowd& Champagne laughter

The expanded runway was transformed into to a huge dancing industrial- type arena in a flick of a finger. Lasers were glaring and the techno sound was enticing. The After- Party of the successful SPLASH A/W 2011.
Same evening, huge party..and its free! OH LALA…!!!!

As on a cue, curvy models and male Romeos swayed their hips to trance music, while fashion designers making bisous with fashionistas and pouting their lips to paparazzi.

Known for its fabulous after party, the BRAG team headed by event and party guru- BONG GUERRERO, did not disappoint.But everyone expects to be there, the full packed arena during the show stayed for the party…the venue literally was overflowed by guests and party goers.

The high octane filled dancing ballroom became the playing ground of the party animals, enjoying the evening till three.
DEVONE VENDER looked smashing in his Dior-isque white shirt complete with origami inspired tie. Vender was absolutely the night’s dancing queen, in Lady Gaga’s manner.

MICHAEL CINCO combined dancing and cruising cum styleMONGER i HEART taking every style divas, hot hunks and fashionistas to pose with the marquee in great splendour.

EZRA SANTOS kept his prim n’ proper look by sweetly smiling full night, a total divine, but danced a little later on.

VAL TAGUBA was well contented browsing his FACEBOOK avatar, sitting, puffing, sitting.

ALBERT ANDRADA and RENE SANTOS, quarreled a bit according to my mole…!can’t hold the kicks???

EROS GOZE’S camera as well as CHRIS CALUMBERAN and ALEX CALLUENG were unstoppable, capturing every moment while champagne and wine made another round.

MANDI KINGSBURY was little behave, and so was RIA BOLIVAR……..

LALAINE CHU BENITEZ was in high energy receiving disco awards for her dancing techniques….very Saturday Night Fever steps..mmmmmmm!!!rustic/rustic…..reinvent!

Another fierce party animals were GENE GINO ADULCENTE and MICHAEL AMAZUNA DEL MAR! doing acrobatics and mind boggling dance steps…MICHAEL JACKSON would be totally ashamed of.

BONG GUERRERO melted in the crowd with ANDI PENANO both wearing a smile for the very successful show.

ANGELO ESTERA and IZHCK ZETA donned a worn out punk look complete with worn out outfit…..bring haute-ness back ANGELO and IZHCKA…..!!!