S/S ’14 SPLASH FASHION SHOW: putting ART in Street STYLE

Raza Beig, CEO Splash and Iconic_Nisha Jagtiani, Business Head Iconic

Celebrating the concept of art is fashion, the recently concluded Splash Spring Summer’14 fashion show explored varied possibilities of art applied to garments, where each was seen as a blank canvas for free artistic expression. Titled ‘Art of Fashion’, the show featured this season’s newest works of art which will be seen hanging in all Splash stores across the Region. Held at Dubai Studio City, the show enthralled a 3000 strong audience of style-conscious aficionados from across the Region.


Tugging at the season’s trends Splash presented an inspiring and artful new collection that draws from the bold work of pop art to influences of tribal artistry to the structure of constructivism and the surrealism of prints. The posh, contemporary evening saw 45 international models sashay down the catwalk which was an industrial space created into an art gallery, offering a clean, minimalist and urban feel. The entire set used only three colours white, teal and grey while real colours were added by way of custom-made art installations and the runway collection.


Inspired by the season’s trends and the recently concluded catwalk extravaganza, Raza Beig,CEO, Splash & ICONIC, said,” At Splash we have always strived to work on unique concepts and sets and this season we got inspired by the fact that fashion is an art form and one that is very influential. A season that is all about structure and minimalistic fashion our runway was a mix of pop to abstract art to nuances of tribal art and surrealism as we presented a collection of high street must have.


“With an aim to maximize the reach of our shows and celebrate fashion on a larger scale, we live streamed our 3 shows on all our social media platforms along with other leading online platforms across the Region, where a million or more fans and consumers watched the show.” Raza added further.


As the 20 minute action on the ramp came to a halt, the art gallery setting of the show was instantly converted into the after party arena where guests danced into the wee hours of the night on the latest hits. The VIP show was attended by UAE’s crème de la crème where Raza Beig walked the red carpet for the finale along with Nisha Jagtiani, amidst a thunderous round of applause. Continuing with the lineup of the two consumer shows, fashion followers and Splash customers also got a taste of the season’s most awaited runway action across 2 shows earlier in the evening.


With the SS’14 blockbuster trends already at the top of every fashionistas shopping list, the Splash runway married themes beautifully with each other to offer high-voltage fashion. The show started with Popism, a trend that exhibits the surge of pop inspired fashion and is influenced heavily by the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Litchenstien. Application of artwork to garments with a strong primary colour palette and bold geometric patterns this was one of the boldest collection so the runway. Next in line was Sketch Art where freedom of expression is key with sketching, paint splatter and scribble inspired prints forming the core. Just as art combines opposite textures on a canvas, the Splash collection included combinations like sheer with solid, shiny with matt and embellishments with strong clean modern lines, bringing a whole new dimension to clothing. Dominating the runway were trends like cubism and constructivism which are key for the season in terms of shape influences and introducing a clean minimalist fashion future.

The season promises to be print dominated with the most conversational prints and bold designs where photo-real surrealist collages are fashioned and applied to formal jackets, casual tees and sweaters. The mixture of abstract art and visually impactful brush strokes are applied to garments as if painted by hand offering a line-up of head turning pieces. Last but not the least is Tribalism, a popular theme that is reborn in a whole new form. Bold and bright ikat tribal designs with flashes of neon with a big emphasis on body conscious silhouettes are must haves. Not to be left behind are accessories with particularly artful designs like fruit adorning neck pieces, clutch bags with raffia fringing and oversized tassel decorations.




Splashing a “Bieg Heart”-Meet RAZA BEIG, CEO

At the A/W Splash Fashion Show 2010 finale, everyone turns their heads to the man most eyes followed, as he appeared on stage during the curtain call, famous and well loved in the fashion industry, he produced the most eagerly awaited and the most expensive runway show ever in Dubai, in a single day, according to Bong Guerrero, event and party guru who was behind that fabulous show last October2010.

Meet Raza Beig…. CEO of Splash, Iconic and Landmark Group.

Hard working, and extremely driven, Raza Beig is one of the most successful CEOs, and currently considered the top young gun in Dubai’s business circuit. Disarmingly charming and extremely energetic, he combines the retail aesthetic training with entrepreneurial vigour and has travelled a long way –from the humble street of Al Wahda in Sharjah to high end stores in the Middle East, Egypt and Lebanon, Raza Beig’s success story is amazing, yet he makes no bones about it, remaining cool and humble.

A CEO with a big heart, Mister Beig, for the past fifteen years handles the company deeply personal and family oriented…he knows the market and gives consumers the utmost satisfaction, from the quality of the products and best prices, it’s “affordable fashion” with high end quality.

Splash and Iconic lead the high street fashion retailer in the Middle East, with international and in-house designed brands. From apparels for men, women and kids, accessories and lifestyle, the stores stamped its presence in trends and urban fashion.

In-house designed collections include favorites like Ms, Nexus, Retro, ZYNC, Scarlet and Friday-Kinyobi while Splash’s international portfolio comprises of international brands like Lee Cooper (European denim brand), Arrow (American Apparel brand), Bossini (Hong Kong based leisurewear brand), Kappa (Italian sports brand), Maui & Sons (Californian surf & lifestyle brand), UMM (Italian Music Inspired Brand) and Zodiac (the Business shirt & Tie brand) among others.

The Raza Beig’s Fashion Philosophy is well absorbed by his dynamic and creative team, giving them all the freedom to create the most advance, consumer friendly and highly fashionable designs for age no bar collections.

Raza Beig’s success story can be awesome to many, but clearly, it displayed leadership with great visions and strategies. He has the touch, the know- how and the qualities of being the boss… he is worth the awe!

The Spring/ Summer Collection 2011 will be on February next year and surely it will be grand and extraordinary….so RAZA….SO BEIG !!!!!!!!!