Glamour will always be about clothes, celebrities, cosmetics, parties, events and oh, lest we forget, home furnishings too! STUDIO 8 at Jumeirah Road is a boutique store that embodies what it sells, a premium fashionable address that caters to shopping enthusiast’s most luxurious whims and fancies that can give a stylish face- lifts to your cloth hangers and dull boudoir.


Studio8 introduces a new home furnishing collection “DIVA RICHE” in an aura of luxury and panache that adds a subtle luxe tone to your lifestyle. Meant for the classy shopoholic and the discerning connoisseur of the finer things in life, this home décor destination presents a contemporary western and modern approach to home furnishings.

The wide assortment of products in every style and design makes this a shopper’s paradise that combines contemporary designs of Paris with the oomphs of London. Duvet covers and bedspreads in soft  fabrics with  jewelry setting merged with cushions in polysilk velvet along with chic and luxurious living and bedroom accessories in warm earthy tones of honey and tobacco browns.

ARCHANA KOCHHAR and NANDITA MAHTANI are the new entrants to the haute Studio8 ensemble of INDIA’s elite designers and inroduced their new exquisite designs, style and creativity. The boutique’s impressive villa, stores impeccably designed party dresses of chiffons and silks, blings and bags.