Champagne, Caviar and Fab FRIENDS on New Year 2011

Party du Jour

Bandoix Flores was the party organizer on our New Year’s soiree. His table arrangements were divinely exquisite….his canapes were to die for……. where everything is elegance personified!!!!

You see, aesthetic is a religion with him, giving every cracker a cut to perfection and topped with cheese, caviar and relish. Highly decorated and mouth watering, it was a temptation island. Grabbing a beautifully prepared white bread with finely chops vegetables and meat, someone howled at me like a cross between a live croc and hyena, catching me point blank when I was about to swallow the most “coveted sin-” cum – bad table manners before new year!!!!!! duh! and duh!!!!!!

“Monger! can’t eat that yet!!!!! , the food must be prayed first! “screams Bandoix. “Oh my gowhsness!!but errr, excuse me your highness kitchen evil thing, who thinks “CHEF” of all mighty….I was just testing the flavourness of your “work of art”, errr, I mean what ever” I retorted desperately,”…..and c’est vouz plait, por favor, what will be the exact time to glorify this cute, sexy, desirable, delicious and lucious microscopic finger foods might be, before I devour????…. hmmp, I howled back.And by the way Mr. Flores, I am not only a stylemonger if you may, I am also a tasteMONGER…..LOL,!!!!! (translation: surely if your creation pales in comparison with the canape’s of the fab BURJ AL ARAB, or MAXIM’S in Paris, surely my wrath and spit-venom- criticism will surely make your day!!! truly yours, the Gastronomic Snob!!!)

….life is too short honey, but brutally beautiful too!


The glossy evening was like stratosphoria ” SoMean-in- Black” descends from Paris, the Society Mavens and Collectors of Haute Couture compete to throw each other to the style pit.

Alas, many a party of THE REVILLAS is turning into a competitive arena. Keeping up with the Joneses, the Hiltons and the Kardashians as the case might be, can be mighty nightmare-inducing too…. like Judgment Day.

Poor host…. La Divine EZRA SANTOS, after rounds of white wines, dance and 7 inches GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI killer shoes wound up in the lounge…while the battlefronts up close and the rest of the HERMES brigade strutted like Chihuahauas on heat!

The most important ingredient for THE REVILLA SOIREE was not the food or the cool-quotient of the assembled guests, but the conversation. They have had enough of evenings where the sole purpose is to see-and-be-seen, perhaps show off a new ensemble of baubles or a freshly sculpted body and redefined, skillfully morphed face.

As for conversation?? well, there were “CONVERSATIONAL PIECES”…like host EZRA SANTOS wearing an all black jersey JEAN PAUL GAULTIER combo so demure in the front and so sleazy at the back!, complete with 7 inch killer shoes and surprise/surprise, a chic fur coat to end all fur coats!!!!…it’s Dynasty-Meets- SATC!!!!! FABULOUZZAH! ELEGANT! DIVINE…!!!!!!

The effervescent and impalpable MICHAEL CINCO and the forever STYLE HYSTERIA Bandoix Flores committed the first ever Fashion Paux Pas……!!!! wearing both GUCCI’s Winter 2011- a black trench coat. After much deliberations, they decided to wear them both….in a may-the-best-girl-win-competition!

MICHAEL pulled up some tinnie-winnie ensemble of neck fur, Louboutin shoes and signature POUT to attitude-ized his Parisian chic set. While Bandoix Flores opt for a black fedora hat- Dick Tracy-meets- wacky races boss Dick Dastardly.

And the rest of the gang opted for TALKING PIECES…like ALBERT ANDRADA in black suit and black boots, ditto with RENE SANTOS, JOSEPH CURIOSO, DEVONE VENDER, MICHAEL AMAZON AND THE REST.

It’s food for thought…a culinary fashion fair…..

Parties may wither the REVILLAS a bit, but it does not stop them jumping headlong into the party swirl. The BEEN- THERE-DONE THAT brigade those prone to Page 3 posturing night after night, don’t even mind sharing newsprint with those who have to pay for the ‘privilege’……THE GOOD LIFE!

One magical night: impeccably stylish friends, delicious cuisine and amazing fireworks at the best venue to watch the spectacular view of the BURJ KHALIFA…..WHO SEZ IT’S TOO LONELY AT THE TOP?
……..definitely not!!!!!!

The REVILLAS. The One …the ONLY.