ESSA’s Oh Sauvage Collection: Decoding a Brilliant Mind


Reviewing the works of ESSA is like  reading poetry in 3D, full of  emotion and angst that translates  into his design palette, defying definition and stereotyping. His flamboyant collection  undeneath, are the clues about his brilliant he thinks  and  works.

Arrogant. Rebellious. Eccentric.

ESSA’S signature looks  surprisingly find their sources in his personal nuances, while the interpretation is seen more in his ability on  precise crafting, his inspiration stems from his style connect with his Indian roots’ diversity and his contemporary style chaos in Dubai. His label, was born  and was instantly sourced by high end stores like SAUCE*.

ESSA’s traditional and contemporary reference is inherent to its ethos. His inextricable link  of  sleek and structure define ESSA’s inherent sensibility. That, his art is beyond the physical. That its sensibilities in something more unreachable and inscrutable, the mystique of which is known only to him…

ESSA’s aesthetics come from his passion and his creative…

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The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, got my landmark birthday last March 11, 2011 at an exclusive hotel by designer Giorgio Armani.



Living it up the Armani dream. The Italian couturier’s first foray into the world of luxury living, includes upscale design walls decorated with handmade Florentine leather, Japanese tatami on the floors and green Brazilian marble.



Fashionably chic, Armani’s luxury does not come cheap, the minimalist signature of the hotel offers exuberance not only on fabulous interiors but also on its haute cuisine. Ristorante- the most uber chic in gastronomic tradition of Tuscany culinary delights was our ultimate choice, very private and very exclusive intimate dinner at Enoteca, the Wine Room.








Our Menu:

Starter :Terrina di foie gras e datteri pere e riduzione di espresso

Main Course:Rena pescatrice informata, cannellini, spinacci e pancetta di maiale

Dessert:Tortino di choccolato caldo I pecan caramellati e sorbello alla pera


Glamour is no longer a reserved state-of-being. It is up for grabs for anyone who can carry it off. Glamour artists have met the girl next door and transformed her. And so has the world of make-up by bringing the high drama in runways, parties and red carpets. 

We are no less equipped with cosmetic artists to sculpt our faces and highlight the cheek bones; no one but an expert make up artist will understand why we require a palette of foundation when to the normal untrained eye, the colours look all of the same shade of beige. Drama, camera and lights rush into our dressing areas as we play with shadow and illumination to create the perfect look.

As the modern miracle of  make-up revolutionized our lives, we realized that there too many lights in the world. Even in the harsh lights, our skin must look perfect. Flawless and fabulous radiant faces has become an obsession because being pretty is no longer about special moments.

 As the world gets more infatuated with everyday pictorial of celebrities, we get more fixated with glamorous make over, and rightly so.

 Synonymous with the art of using cosmetics, Top FACE DESIGNERS every season  customized make-up looks for their runway collections, glossy covers, fashion photo shoots and events.


A Malaysian-born Dubai based Make-up Artist with more than ten years of experience in television commercials, fashion shows, glossy magazines and bridal, Shindesu’s magic transforms everybody’s dream of becoming a diva event just for a moment. SHINDESU is DUBAI’s number ONE  hair and make-up artist.

 Clients like MAC, L’OREAL, Swarovski, L’Officiel Homme, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Desert Fish recognized the style refinement of Shindesu in the field of cosmetic art. He was the key hairstylist at the latest India Fashion Week 2010 in Delhi and the key make- up artist for the show  in Bahrain’s Saks Fifth. 



for SHINDESU’s fabulous works

EZRA SANTOS’ Style Arabia 2010: Fabulously Luxe!

Luxury and stylish entertainment came together in an evening of sheer indulgence  Friday 26th, November 2010 at Westin Hotel /Dubai. Famous designer Ezra Santos participated the catwalk with his beautifully crafted pieces. Style Arabia sponsored the event with the participation of beauty products and fashion ateliers.

Held at the Westin Ballroom,  it was marked by a mood of soft relaxation. As sparkling wine did the rounds, guest mingled and lend glamour throughout the conversations while bubbly flowed freely, making the event intimately mellow soiree of Dubai’s beau monde.

MICHAEL CINCO, attended the event after his successful America’s Next Top Model in L.A. in sartorial black Marc Jacob suit with white Dolce&Gabbana inner shirt, limited edition Louis Vuitton Damier completed the look. La Cinco radiated a ravishing look, I swear, really to his Christian Louboutin shoes!

FURNE ONE glowed with his signature curly blonde hair, in black Zara lycra shirt and jeans, his Fitness First religiously-going-to-the-gym showed better results this time. One looks fresh and young and it’s obvious….surely by the end of this year, a slim FURNE ONE will emerge.

BANDOIX FLORES was an image of intimidation, with his HERMES arm bling screaming attention! Wearing black to black, hauteness means  McQueen edgy pull over with a black turtle neck under shirt. Past pain, his 4 inches  Balenciaga boots denoted style sacrifice…as the saying goes, no pain…no gain!HERMES bracelet and HERMES belt..I pulled the botton of my style barometer.

FRANCIS ISHCK ZETA, undoubtedly was the most glamorous among the guests. With his leaner- than -thou ZERO size, he was very stunning in McQEEN jacket with black mirror lazer on the sleeves. FRANCIS ISHCK ZETA’s new hair style by Dubai’s top hairdresser- JOJO DANTES PADUA, looked so glam chic, fits  for red carpet events. His necktie monogram Louis Vuitton clutch made a spicy accessory to the ove all muster of an “ISHCK LOOK”

Simple,  RENE SANTOS  made some  fashion statement. From  just the right amount of flair to a silhouette, RENE was looking hot in Marc Jacobs white shoes with ARMANI  white shirt, paired with  ZARA black jacket and jeans, his boy-next-door-look recreated the relax elegance of what men should be.

KHALED AL KUNTAR, hot designer from ARUSHI showed minimal classic lines like his beige leather jacket paired with Diesel jeans and ZARA white shirt was just enough to sizzle the evening.

MO AL FALAZI(R)  took a break from Griffith University in Australia and attended the event in a smashing brown combo outfit with much sought Lanvin for H&M shoes.

CHARLOTTE VANDERHAER RICHARDSON- fashion designer and stylist, came in  black jersey draped blouse looking so chic….!

EZRA SANTOS presented a fashionable and fabulous gowns, some were in short flirty frocks with elaborate bead works in shimmering Swarovski crystals and components and full swingy skirts cut a flattering silhouette in italian tulle. Beautifully cut, outfits were undeniably painted a pretty picture.

DFW S/S 2011 day4: Zaeem Jamal


Z for Z

With montages of clouds posing a question of belief in the unknown to the audience, Zaeem Jamal’s show began with a dance performance by a dancer with flowing silver wings. Gregorian chants set the stage for a mystical evening for an exquisite collection inspired by angels and seraphims.

Utilising mood-inducing and emotion-influencing colours such as sapphire blue, green, bronze, burnt orange, gold, lilac magenta and pink, the creations were a tribute to the unique philosophy of the “Z for Z” label. Each colour symbolized the traits and energy associated with the 10 angels the designer chose to represent.

Fluid capes with gold winged motifs, diagonal bands of tassels and sequins, as well as Indian silhouettes featured in the couture creations. The “Angels & Seraphims” collection presented pantsuits, maxi-dresses, salwar kameezes and short dresses in smart and simple cuts with bands of sequins interspersed with silk and chiffon.   

A ballet dancer in yellow preceded the showstopper outfit – a sequined sari of metallic grey, worn by Indian actress Minissha Lamba. Emblazoned with feathery white wings, the flowing grey train of the sari was held up by a male model in wings.

The outfits reflected the personality of the brand by incorporating spirituality and purposeful existentialism into their creations.

DFW S/S 2011 day4: Saher Dia


The much awaited Saher Dia Spring/Summer line dazzled crowds at Day 5 of Dubai Fashion Week. The creations on display were three types of gowns: evening wear, bohemian chic and bridal wear.

Simple gowns in gold, white and nudes with shoulder and bust embroidery started the show as models walked in from under an archway of flowers. These were followed by bohemian chic dresses with snake, leopard and other digital prints in pink, grey and silver.

 Gowns in varying intensities of red, orange, gold, emerald and lilac followed, in a bid to joyously usher in springtime.

Dia’s signature style of simple cuts with strategically placed Swarovski stones was evident in all the ensembles. A bold swimsuit-like outfit encrusted in purple and white crystals with a chiffon cape won instant audience approval.

The bridal collection that followed was a mix of white lace, taffeta tulle and satin, embellished with crystals and accentuated by trailing veils delicately dusted with the precious stones. The collection, titled “Glamorous” made ample use of gold lamé as an under-layer for patterned tulle, adding to the allure and shimmer of the outfit.

With the stroke of a master designer, Dia fused simplicity with elegant glamour. The luxurious dresses were aimed at those with a true passion for fashion.


In the second installment to the Label 24 fashion show, the retailers showcased glamorous collections from designers Pria Kataria Puri and Rocky S.

Having dressed Saudi and Kuwaiti royalty and celebrities such as Madonna and Cherie Blair, Pria Kataria Puri returned to Dubai Fashion Week to present her Spring/Summer collection.

The collection was wholly inspired by Maharani Gayatri Devi, an Indian queen renowned for her distinct fashion sense.

The vibrant outfits in hues of bright green, teal, pale yellow and coral were emblazoned with digital prints of the queen’s jewellery pieces.

 Resort wear in the form of kaftans, knee-length dresses and long flouncy gowns carried the digital prints and as did the saris worn with ornate mid-waist belts.

 Models sported Bohemian glamour through their glittering headbands and bright red lipstick.

The Rocky S collection set the bar for bridal and festive attire this season with its heavily embellished gowns, saris and lehengas.

 Using base colors of ivory, black, and deep red, the collection experimented with surprising design elements in shades of burgundy, old rose and wine.

 Innovative details included encrusted shoulder pads rising high over the garment ending in tassels, as well as short coral and deep brown kurtis paired with shin-length nude leggings.

 The rich collection stood as a fine tribute to festive occasions.

Touted to soon be the UAE’s top designer collection, Label 24 plans its soft launch on Wednesday, 27th October, 2010.

DFW S/S 2011: Dubai’s Emerging Talents


The “Emerging Talent” show, sponsored by Max, set the ball in motion for Day 3 of Dubai Fashion Week. First in line, was Nasrine Dechache, with her debut collection titled “Montaigne”.


The collection used solid-coloured clothes and experimented with jersey and cotton, making them comfortable and ready-to wear. Nasrine worked with beige, navy blue and purple to emphasize talented cuts and silhouettes.

Wearing nude shoes to complement the outfits, models walked the ramp in jackets, harem pants, tailored shirts and a flowing knee length dresses.

 The five sets reflected Dechache’s multi-cultural background, as offering sneak peeks into Algerian and French fashion influences.

Based in Dubai, former model Nova Krishnan makes her foray into the world of fashion with her collection at Dubai Fashion Week.

 Her collection was a contemporary twist on traditional Indian attire with the view to make them multifunctional. Pale gold satin paneling and gold embroidery dominated the collection and was accompanied by crimson and fuschia robes.

 The outfits included a deep blue robe with gold work on the bust and sleeves layered with a brown frilly underskirt as well as an outfit of a shimmering gold bustier and a deep pink skirt fitted with a frilly purple trail.

Wearing one of her creations, Nova Krishnan took a bow in an outfit of fuschia and orange, with a twisted pink cloth effortlessly thrown over one shoulder with ease. 

Sachin Gada, with his petal inspired collection, set the stage ablaze in a display of dramatic colours and layered fabric.

 His collection followed delicately structured tiered clothes, with fabrics of varying hues, gracefully flowing over each other.

 A maroon bust was added to a short Victorian skirt styled with neckties in the black to pink spectrum, layered strategically to bring about the effect of a flower in bloom.

The outfits, in tree green, aqua, and marine blue, were a testament to the skills of a designer with a gift of creative layering.

Specializing in men’s wear, the Mumbai based Niteesh Singh Chauhan collection showcased six distinct Spring/Summer looks for the male silhouette.

 White dominated the collection, in a bid to represent the freshness of spring. Made of linen and cotton based fabrics, the collection included crisp white suits and jodhpurs embellished with buttons.

Tie and dye designs in red and green peeked through the white of the suits, which were added with innovative design elements like a two layered back-paneling of the jackets, which lifted to reveal tie and dye patterns.

The collection was inspired by life and the buoyancy of springtime.

Drawing heavily from Bedouin culture, newcomer Samah Ali experiments with the abaya-shayla combination to add an international appeal to the outfits. With black lace veiling the faces, black abayas flowed open to reveal scarlet and gold under-layers with matching shaylas.

 A particularly interesting innovation came in the form of an abaya with a frontal sun motif, revealing the cinched abaya waist, while retaining the loose flowing characteristic of the abaya. The designer wore a creation of satin orange tassels attaching the sleeves to the ankles of the abaya in an extended sleeve and with a matching shayla.

The Susan Jacob collection was dedicated to the strong, beautiful woman fighting cancer.

 Opening with a presentation offering words of encouragement to the patients, the collection presented five sets in pale pink and black Victorian lace. Models walked the ramp in short, ready-to-wear dresses that accentuated the female form.

 Wearing black gloves and minimal jewellery, the models flashed neck pieces reading ‘Don’t Give up’, addressed to every woman battling with cancer.

To close the show, Max displayed its Fall/Winter collection by marrying formal and casual on the ramp.

 Mustard yellows, midnight blues and floral printed dresses were accompanied by nude brown shoes and jackets. Denim leggings dominated the women’s line, while the men’s collection indulged in deep shades of corduroy.

 Thigh-length jackets in tweed, ankle length boots and leather jackets completed the collection.

DFW S/S 2011 Day3: Shrekahnth/Megha Grover

Shrekahnth/Megha Grover

Known for his fascination with Arabia, designer Shrekahnth, in his third year at DFW, presented a collection inspired wholly from Islamic art.

 The “Arabian Nomad” collection experimented with digitally printed fabrics of pure silk, chiffon silk and satin silk. Robes in pale yellows, deep greens, pinks and blues flaunted flowing hemlines with square necklines. Busts carried motifs of flying eagles and digital fabric prints were enhanced so as to appear like wings on the back of the outfits. With decorated war horses and other Islamic art elements emblazoned on the outfits, the designer was inspired by fabrics and textures dating more than 600 years, which were used for historical Islamic embroidery and artwork.

In trying to replicate nomadic textures with digital art, the designer also experimented with the famous Russian Matryoshka dolls on the outfits, bringing about a strategic blend of Arab heritage with Russian culture.

The geometric patterns of the outfits replicated Islamic culture and art, while indulging in prints representing painted glass motifs as well as digital prints resembling cellular phone circuit boards.

 The “Arabian Nomads” collection was followed by Megha Grover’s Spring/Summer collection – a set of pure white outfits.


Futuristic silhouettes merged with classic cuts as the collection displayed a variety of white ensembles ranging from short tube dresses to long gowns and pantsuits ending in jodhpurs. The crisp white collection of 15 outfits was embellished with crystals at the hemlines, sleeve ends as well as pant legs.

 A suit in white featured low cut pockets encrusted with the precious stones, as well as large necktie like pieces in full sparkle.

With hints of Bohemian elements, the outfits of silk, satin and lace pointed to an elegant, yet laidback summer.

DFW S/S 2011 Day3: Homa Q

Opening with a live opera performance, Homa Q displayed her collection of abayas and shaylas with élan. The designer, who is of Pakistani origin, inculcates a variety of international influences in her abayas, including that of 18th century textile design as well as Moroccan cultural elements.

Inspired by the likes of Queen Rania of Jordan, the collection, with its structured tailoring and modern cuts, is aimed at the bold Arab woman.

The 16-piece set used silks and brocades that were embellished with careful detailing and tasseled ends. Fluid robes of green, silver and purple were covered with fine black abayas.

The shaylas employed minimal embellishments, save for delicate colour piping. The models walked the ramp to Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, displaying tapering silhouetted abayas and turbaned shaylas in a splendid display of creativity.

Outstanding ensembles included an abaya with a black-beaded pale gold bodice, abayas with single sleeve embroidery as well as exquisite gold rings around the neck and sleeves of the abayas.

The show came to a close with another operatic rendition by a singer in a shimmering creation by the designer. Having dazzled the community with her debut at DFW last year, the Spring/Summer collection is testimony to Homa Qamar’s growth as a designer.